My anxiety has shown its head again. My permanent state of worry and nervousness with the possibility of panic attack is not good for me right now. I need my sanity. Anxiety has metamorphosed into my own pet demo-gorgon. My demons are not my caterpillars anymore but my butterflies. The caresses of my demons play [...]

Noble gas fiasco

At this particular point, I am experiencing sheer frustration. Where the hell is Kyllan when I desperately need him? I called him about an hour ago. How long does it take a robot to get into a self-driving car and head for the police post? Isn’t a robot and self-driving car meant to be efficiency [...]

Meet Kyllan

“What the fudge! I cannot find your chip. I need to find it. Where the hell did I leave it? Kitchen? Bedroom? Bathroom? Toilet?” I stand in the middle of the room looking around wondering where I could have left the chip. Everything is attached to him except the chip. All I want is to [...]

…and, that is how my husband died

Hello love..... Hey, baby... How are you? I am very terrific. How was your day? It was great. I drank a lot, like a lot, almost a gallon of tea in the office today because it had all this milk and it tasted really really nice, I really could not resist. It was almost orgasmic. [...]

Quantum of solace

Hi ...sad woman... Hi, sad man…... Hi again... Hi hi again there, you sadness...... I’m sad. I know that. I have noticed the very convex lips and I have a thing for convex lips. Yeah, SAD!!! Not really, it’s SAAAAAAAD ...with the many ‘A’s. I invented the word while I was very very sad. It [...]


I love strangers. Strangers are just peculiar people, very very very strange homo-sapiens. Some of them look like very aggressive and violent criminals with scars on their faces and biceps and triceps made of solid iron with bloodshot eyes in the entire universe probably because they are sick and their situation has nothing to do [...]

The Morning After

When I wake up after a night of excessive consumption of that sweet or bitter colorless volatile flammable liquid which is the intoxicating constituent of wine, beer or spirits, I raise my very heavy head to make sure I am sleeping on a very clean pillow because you know sometimes you get too high and [...]